Sunday, 23 October 2011


Quechua ritual by Sofia Buchuck

Yesterday, Sofia Buchuck has done the Quechua ritual in one of the scenes of Rooms The Movie. We've asked her: what is a Quechua ritual?
"The Quechua Ritual to Pachamama comes from the Inka culture in Peru. This ritual is to pay respect to mother earth as she is the provider of everything in this world: life, food and future. We thank her but also we reconnect with her to know more about the misteries of life, she will answer our worries and help us to find solutions."
Sofia Buchuck is a poet and singer born in Cusco- Peru. Her work, both musically and literary, reflects issues of Diaspora, memory and celebrates the popular and ancestral culture of Latin America. She has travelled across Latin America learning the culture and traditions of that continent. She also speaks Quechua which she has learnt from her indigenous grand mother.

With a BA in Spanish and Latin American studies, Sofia Buchuck has just finished an MA in Hispanics and cultural studies, and an MA in oral history. She has studied singing at the national music school of Mexico UNAM and completed a research in ethnomusicology during 2003. In London, Sofia has completed a diploma in Latin American poetry at the Birbeck University College.

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